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Experienced Texas Attorneys Advise on Heirship and Partition Matters

Plano firm handles case involving the severance of jointly owned real estate

Leaving land to family members upon one’s death might seem like a natural thing to do, but when multiple heirs jointly inherit the same piece of property, serious disputes can arise about how to use the property, or whether to keep it at all. The Meazell Firm in Plano advises Texans who find themselves in this difficult situation and outlines the legal options available. One potential solution is partition, where a joint owner or someone who believes they have a legal claim to a given parcel goes to court to have their interest clarified and separated. If you are trying to remove yourself from a problematic joint ownership situation or have a question about the authenticity of a title, our attorneys can advise you on the best way to proceed and advocate for you during negotiations and in court.

Knowledgeable lawyers take on cases where property title is disputed

Obtaining title insurance and selling a property becomes much more difficult if there are gaps or conflicts in the chain of title. This sometimes occurs when a real estate owner dies without a will or when a purported heir takes control without going to Probate Court. We have the legal and practical knowledge necessary to identify who is the true owner of a given parcel. Once the facts are evident, we can take steps to cure the title defect and file the required documents.  

Skillful advocates assist clients seeking a declaration of property heirship

Someone who believes they are entitled to inherit a real estate parcel where ownership is unclear or disputed can initiate an heirship proceeding under Texas law. This might occur when a property owner dies intestate, where no estate administration has taken place or where a decedent’s will does not address that particular real estate parcel. In matters aimed at declaring heirship, our firm gathers the relevant supporting materials, prepares required affidavits and represents clients in hearings. If the deceased property owner died within the past four years, we can also seek a legal proceeding to complete administration of the estate.

Attorneys represent joint owners and claimants in partition proceedings

When you no longer wish to own land jointly with other parties, Texas law gives you the right to partition the property. In some instances, the parcel itself will be broken up into segments, with each owner retaining part of the land. Alternatively, sale of the entire property might be ordered, with all of the owners receiving a share of the proceeds. We represent joint owners and claimants in partition actions and also assist with the negotiation of suitable buyouts when that is in our clients’ best interests.

Contact a thorough Texas lawyer regarding real estate title, heirship or partition 

The Meazell Firm has handled sophisticated real estate issues and other legal matters for Texans since 1994. If a disagreement exists over heirship or title, or you are considering seeking the partition of a property where you have an ownership, please call 972-881-4300 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. Our office is in Plano.