John Meazell has over twenty-five years of trial experience and advising clients on a wide range of legal problems. This experience enables him to provide practical, objective and well thought out solutions. Mr. Meazell has litigated over a hundred cases either through settlement or trial and routinely advises companies on a vast array of legal issues.

Mr. Meazell was licensed to practice law of the State Bar of Texas in 1994. He was raised in Dallas, Texas and attended W.T. White High School. Afterwards, he graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Physics. He obtained his Juris Doctorate to practice law from the University of Tulsa.

In 1994, Mr. Meazell began practicing law informed his own “solo” practice directly out of law school. During this time, he discovered that his problem-solving skills obtained while pursuing his Physics degree uniquely aided him in providing practical and strategic solutions for his clients. These developed skills provided him the ability to develop multiple angles to secure legal victories. Mr. Meazell is thrilled when challenged by difficult legal questions that engages the legal intellect and reasoning to solve.

When Mr. Meazell takes on representation of a client, there is generally a strong connection that develops between the two. Although empathizing with his clients’ legal challenges, Mr. Meazell is careful to maintain an objective perspective regarding all legal matters. One of Mr. Meazell’s top goals is to make sure that his clients come to implicitly trust his counsel. It is this desire that motivates Mr. Meazell to provide representation that is wise, strategic, complete, logical and well thought out. As a result of Mr. Meazell’s trustworthiness and compassion, the primary source of his new clientele comes directly from referrals by his own clients or from other attorneys with whom he has worked.

Mr. Meazell is married to his college sweetheart who likewise was born and raised in Dallas. They are the proud parents of three children, are both Christians and are long-standing members of the church.

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